Mirion Technologies Acquires Sun Nuclear

In a move announced January 7th, Mirion Technologies, Inc. is set to acquire noted radiation oncology provider Sun Nuclear, in a transaction of yet to be disclosed financial value. The acquisition is expected to aid Mirion’s effort to diversify its portfolio across a broad range of industries that include nuclear, military, research, and medical markets.

A worldwide solutions provider for radiation therapy and related diagnostic imaging centers, Sun Nuclear’s technology is present in over 5,000 global caner centers in more than 100 countries, with a maintained presence in an estimated 60% of global cancer treatment centers and over 90% of U.S. facilities. Moving under the Mirion umbrella is expected to bolster Sun Nuclear’s vision of streamlining the quality and safety of radiotherapy, as the technology continues to grow two decades into twenty-first century.

“We’ve built Sun Nuclear into the undisputed innovation and global market leader in our space, redefining the boundaries of radiotherapy patient safety and treatment accuracy” says Sun Nuclear CEO Jeff Simon, “I’m extremely proud of the work we’ve done and the team we have built. Mirion’s shared mission in radiation safety expertise, and demonstrated global operational excellence, are a perfect match for Sun Nuclear as we enter this exciting next stage of growth and service of our customers.”

As a global leader in the measurement, detection and monitoring of radiation—particularly knowledge of the ionization process—Mirion Technologies gains a major player in the radiation field with a reach that extends to nearly all markets across the planet. Mirion CEO Thomas Logan echoed the company’s vision in a statement released to coincide with the merger, “We are incredibly excited to welcome Sun Nuclear to the Mirion family. Together, we will leverage our technological expertise, brand equity, and relationship capital to extend our leadership position in the cancer therapy market.”

Otek, a frequent supplier to both the nuclear industry and radiation services in the process and measurement fields, recently completed a contract with Mirion Technologies in July of last year.