Military Spec

    Military Spec Products

    OTEK supplies digital instrumentation for a variety of military applications and successfully meets the following Military-Specs: MIL-STD-461D, 462D, 704F, 130K, 810F, 889B2 & 1472F; MIL-HDBK-217F & 454A, RTCA-160F. (If you do not see your desired spec above, please ask us. Our technology has the agency to meet a variety of customized specifications)

    In conjuction with our Mil-Spec abilities, OTEK is also registered with the following National Stock Numbers (NSN):

    NSN OTEK P/N Description
    6620-00-083-8811 APM Replacement for Ametek Power Tri Indicator
    5980-01-471-6947 110-210 3.5 Digit LCD Serial Remote Display, RS232C, MIL. STD., No Backlight
    5980-01-559-3047 HI-Q112-21100 4 Digit LED Serial Remote Display, RS422, 9-36VDC Power, NEMA 4X
    5980-01-623-9015 HI-QTBS-C021 TBS-051-001-22M, EMI/RFI Navy Gray, 0-100FT/MIN
    5980-01-628-5480 HI-QREM-13000 5 Digit Serial Remote Display, 12VDC, RS232, Metal Housing EMI/RFI
    6210-01-543-4140 HI-QREM9001 5 Digit Serial Remote Display, 5VDC, RS232, Sanitary
    6610-01-511-4882 HIQ124C002 HI-Q124-151-00X-X2M
    6625-01-279-1621 200-120-310 4.5 Digit LED, 20VDC, Peak & Hold, 120VAC Power
    6625-01-279-6399 200-130-310 4.5 Digit LED, 200VDC, Peak & Hold, 120VAC Power
    6625-01-284-1572 HI-Q101-C006 HI-Q101-093-123-990
    6625-01-304-2441 HI-Q101-C005 HI-Q101-090-123-990
    6625-01-346-7802 200-190-310 4.5 Digit LED, Custom Input, Peak & Hold, 120VAC Power
    6625-01-361-0640 100-000 3.5 Digit LED, Multirange VDC Input, 10VRMS Power
    6625-01-395-6781 102-C001 102-000, Conformal Coating, EMI/RFI Gasket
    6625-01-437-4905 200-120-410 4.5 Digit LED, 20VDC Signal, Digital Limit, 120VAC Power
    6625-01-437-7237 711-205 4.5 Digit LED, ohms input, 120VAC Power
    6625-01-437-8784 101-301-X 3.5 Digit LED, 4-20ma, 5VDC Power
    6625-01-440-9098 OJ-2000-C00-2X 3.5 Digit LED, custom input, Custom Mounting
    6625-01-440-9099 OJ-2000-C00-2X 3.5 Digit LED, custom input, Custom Mounting
    6625-01-468-4866 101-011 4.5 Digit LED, Multirange VDC input, 5VDC Power
    6625-01-518-4225 HI-Q126-052-00-49-2M0-01 RS232, 90-265VAC, custom input, Metal Housing, Mil. Spec. no keypad
    6625-01-564-4688 LPE-C001 LPE-I16-1000
    6625-01-601-3685 HI-QTBS-01-111-12-2M0-01 Mil. Spec.
    6625-01-612-7808 LPE-M16-000-99 Mil. Spec., 4-20ma, custom power, custom housing, custom calibration
    6625-01-621-2168 FPM-06-0391 20VDC input, LED, 18-28VDC power, Custom calibration, custom housing
    6625-01-653-7252 LPE-C006 LPE-I14-100-99
    6685-01-473-0341 HI-QTEKC015 Indicator, Pressure
    6685-01-473-0343 HI-QTEKC016 Indicator, Temperature