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01. Obsolescence Hardened

Obsolescence is best managed when considered at the start of a design. OTEK's patented technology is the result of forward-thinking decades from now. Our instruments built in 1974 still work in facilities today. That's obsolescence hardened!

02. Plug & Play

OTEK provides 100% form, fit, and function obsolescence upgrades for a variety of decommissioned bargraph meters, digital panel meters, controllers, batch counters, process loggers, and bargraph indicators. We work hard so you can Plug & Play!

03. Lifetime Warranty

We design, develop, and manufacture our products in the U.S., deploying state-of-the-art technology and using only the highest quality materials and components. Our proven excellence delivers an unprecedented lifetime warranty.

Our Merchant Marine Products

Stand the Test of Time

Designed, Developed, and Manufactured to order in Tucson, Arizona.

Our Most Popular Maritime Instrumentation

NTM-9: 6″ Bargraph Meter

The NTM-9 is a replacement for General Electric GE 180 or Yokogawa 180, Weschler Westinghouse VX251 and VX252, Dixson BB101 and 202PV, Sigma 1151 and 1251, NES “6”, Takemoto, Triplett, A&M or Weston 49 Series, Bowmar, Crompton 128, or any 6″ bargraph meter. Industry-standard housing 2.16″ W x 6″ H x 3″ D available in plastic or metal.

This unit houses up to 2 channels and is available in loop (4-20mA), A.C. signal, or external power to replace fit, form, and function any analog or digital panel meter. Our Powerless (loop/signal) versions only consume <60mW, comparable to an analog meter! The external power series features over 30 signal conditioners.

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SSAM-N: 4″ ANSI Meter

SSAM-N replaced DB40 models form, fit, and function

Solid State Analog Meter (SSAM) that replaces form, fit & function any ANSI 4” switchboard analog meter.

The SSAM-N is powered by the signal it measures, just like an analog meter, but without the stuck needle, inaccuracy, and the sensitivity to shock, vibration, EMI/RFI, and without the lack of HMI of the analogs. We replaced any and all “digital assets,” (microprocessors, etc,.) with old fashioned CMOS Logic (as defined by NEI 08-09), replaced them with the latest hardware, and added our patented technology. We married this to the most advanced LED technology (approaching organic LED) to give you super bright bargraph and numerical displays.

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NTM-N: 4″ ANSI Meter


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UPM-L: 6-Digit Counter

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NTM-X: Explosion-Proof Meter

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SSAM-9: 6″ Bargraph Meter

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Product Features

Best in Class

Reverse Engineering

OTEK specializes in reverse engineering obsolete analog and digital instrumentation.


Plug & Play is the cornerstone philosophy behind all of OTEK’s award-winning products.

Obsolescence Hardened

Instruments designed to stand the test of time to eliminate obsolescence.

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