Last Thoughts on Analog Obsolescence in the Nuclear Industry

Concluding our blog series on analog replacements in the nuclear industry, we come full circle with analog obsolescence. We know the players, the history, the finances, the politics, and above all else we know this—analog obsolescence is not going away. It has been growing like an unruly vine since the first digital panel meter emerged into the light of day. It has slithered through our power plants, raided the walls of the industry, and even burst through the cracks in well known disasters such as Three-Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima. It has also commanded an army of government regulation and inspection, and rode those mandates to exorbitantly expensive heights that many NPP’s now find themselves strangled by. It has, by venomous extension, sunk its claws into many R.O.I,’s and stole away with them into a decade’s oblivion. It is a virus with only one cure: digitization.

Why digitize? Another word—optimization. With the technological revolution set to outstrip even the industrial revolution of the early 19th century, industries today, especially the power generation industry, are the beneficiaries of advancements in analytics programs, connectivity, productivity, application solutions, data corroboration, etc. While it can be accurately wagered that such robust growth in technology has laid open channels for cyber security risks, there is no question that such risks are mitigated by the overwhelming benefits of becoming smarter, more efficient, more reliable, and less subjective. Even the cost of digitizing cannot wholly detract from the gifts it offers our rapidly changing industry. There is simply no reason to continue under the dying analog shadow.

And to speak of those costs, why not upgrade your I & C room with Otek’s New Technology Series, featuring our NTM’s which are cyber security compliant and can be installed for disproportionately less than flat panel technology? Don’t let the high cost of cyber security compliance keep you from modernizing your control room! You can replace your obsolete analogs wire by wire, in one outage or as they fail, with Otek technology designed for Plug and Play applications—remove the old analogs and plug into Otek’s meters using the same wiring and operators.

Old analogs like the Sigma 9220 or the 9264 populate NPP’s all over the world, keeping the obsolescent cloud languishing unnecessarily overhead. Otek offers our NTM-V and NTM-B models as 100% Form, Fit, and Function replacements for the Sigma 9220 and 9264 analogs for Class1E safety related and nuclear qualified applications, as well as Mil-Specs 461, 167-1, 810F, 901C, and IEEE-34. Both models carry our lifetime warranty and are highly customizable to a variety of consumer applications—in addition to shared features such as an automatic tricolor bar graph, math functions, isolated serial I/O, configurable bar direction, self diagnostics, a signal input fail alarm with runtime stamp, and over thirty isolated input signals.

Analog obsolescence exists in the nuclear industry because idle hands do nothing. An object at rest tends to stay at rest, while an object in motion…..set your I & C room in motion toward the future by digitizing with Otek instrumentation. Technology, like time, waits for no one.

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