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How to Modernize/Digitize Your Control Room

A presentation by Dr. Otto Fest, President of OTEK Corporation.

Cybersafe | NEI08-09 and Appendix B 10CFR50 and 10CFR21 Compliance

80% of Nuclear Power Plants are over 30 years old and are overwhelmed by obsolescence, inefficiency, and regulations. The meters in these facilities are inaccurate, short-lived, obsolete, and expensive to buy or maintain. Replacing an entire control room to a flat-panel digital system is cost-prohibitive for many plants nearing the end of their commission. OTEK’s meters offer a cost-effective means to meet regulation standards without investing millions of dollars or losing profit with extended shutdowns.

All of our meters are designed to replace their obsolete counterpart in form, fit, and function without requiring any rewiring of the facility. We employ signal power to illuminate LED lights, modernizing the way the control room looks and functions without significant re-training for operators. Additionally, our panel meters are reliable, obsolescence hardened, and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

With our NTM or SSAM series meters, you can replace the old, unreliable meters as the need arises or all at once during a scheduled outage.

For specific questions regarding our products and how they can improve your facility, contact our sales department at or by phone at 520-748-7900.

And remember: If one NTM or SSAM increases your efficiency by 1%, it will pay for itself and increase profit by approximately $3.65 million each year until decommissioning!!