Form, Fit, & Function Replacement for Foxboro 257

Obsolescence is inescapable. With each passing year analog technology is rendered more and more useless by the prodigious advances of its digital counterparts. This is due to a variety of issues, most notably: inaccuracy, inefficiency, subjectivity, and quite simply, age. Progress eliminates that which cannot keep pace. After all, the Model-T went to wayside when the Mustang became available.

To this inglorious end, the Foxboro 257 is reaching extinction with the rest of the analogs. If you’re looking to replace one of these dinosaurs, OTEK offers, from our New Technology Series, the NTM-8 as a 100% Form, Fit, and Function replacement for the Foxboro 257 for Class 1E safety related and nuclear qualified, as well as Mil-Specs 461, 167-1, 810F, 901C, and IEEE-344. Like all the NTM models, the NTM-8 is Cyber Security Compliant.

The NTM-8 houses up to 2 channels and is available in loop (4-20mA), A.C. signal or external power. The model comes equipped with a 51 segment automatic and programmable tricolor bar graph and four digit LED display, in addition to an array of features that include: an input fail alarm with runtime stamp, self-diagnostics, serial I/O, USB or RS485, over 30 isolated input signals, configurable bar direction (up, down, center zero), only 100mW@5VDC, and our guaranteed lifetime warranty. In accordance with our long-standing policy, the NTM-8, like all our products, is 100% customizable to your needs!

Don’t let nostalgia render you obsolete too—like the first revving of that 1964 Mustang, the first time your NTM-8 lights up radiantly from across the control room you’ll know you’re smiling into the future.
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