Dr. Fest Returns to Orlando for the Power Gen Conference

Dr. Fest will be traveling back to Orlando this coming Monday, December 3rd through the 6th, to attend the 2018 International Power Gen Conference.

Industry leaders and those interested in the future of industry as a whole will be in attendance to discuss the direction of our energy future, with a heavy interest to be expected on wind and solar developments. With the fragile and uncertain direction of the industry as a whole, Power Gen will be a crucial testing ground for new ideas and communication; which is why Dr. Fest sincerely looks forward to the opportunity to posit a few possible solutions to our growing obsolescene problem.

One of those solutions he’ll be offering from Booth #4178 will be a full live demo of OTEK’s latest development in our award-winning New Technology Series, the Solid State Analog Meter or SSAM. The SSAM offers 100% Form, Fit, and Function replacement for your antiquated analog meters, meaning you don’t have to make ANY changes to your current wiring or mounting–just pull out your old meter, plug in OTEK’s SSAM and you’re good to go! The SSAM also sets itself apart from any other digital meter on the market in that it is 100% Cyber Security Exempt. This is achieved by removing all Critical Digital Assets such as microprocessors and replacing them with CMOS Logic, then combining that with our patented technology to produce a meter that is impossible to hack and potentially saves you money and time in NEI 08-09 compliance!

With the fate of the industry up for debate and Dr. Fest offering new solutions such as the SSAM, you won’t want to miss out on the happenings at POWER GEN 2018. However if you do happen to miss it, stay tuned to our blog at www.otekcorp.com for the information Dr. Fest will be bringing back with him from Florida!