Double Tapping the Sigma 9222 with New Technology Replacements

The Sigma 9222—elongated, bulky at nearly four pounds, awkwardly designed to dimensions of 6.75 x 6.00 x 3.00 inches, parallax-ridden with a curved display, nervous needles comprised of plastic and dubious red teetering precariously over readings that resemble the unfurling of an old tape measure, glazed over by light at odd angles, eagerly given to subjective interpretations requiring one to nearly place their nose against the instrument to discern, unreliable, impractical, and inaccurate—these are the instruments monitoring the most volatile application man has ever created. Archaic overseers of nuclear annihilation. The harbingers of Chernobyl, Three-Mile Island, and Fukushima—and yet, NPP’s all over the world still plod along with these dinosaurs strapped to their hull, dragging the dead carcass of a withered R.O.I, mired ceaselessly in the murky and uncertain waters of analog obsolescence.

There is no question of justification—the nuclear industry must adapt to survive, and survival, as they have said for eons, belongs to the fittest. Want to get fit enough to wade out of these obsolescent waters? Get with Otek’s New Technology Series of DPM’s. We offer the NTM-B and –V respectively as 100% Form, Fit, and Function replacements for the Sigma 9222 analog meter for Class1E safety related and nuclear qualified applications, in addition to Mil-Specs 461, 167-1, 810F, 901C, and IEEE-34. Both models are Cyber Security Compliant with NEI 08-09 regulations.

The NTM-B is a 1/8th DIN vertical model meeting an industry standard 3.8 x 1.9 inch dimension and comes available in either plastic or metal housings. Designed as single channel unit, the NTM-B also carries an automatic tricolor bar graph with intensity control, an input fail alarm with runtime stamp that will alert your operators in the event of a dead loop current, isolated serial I/O, math functions, 4-20mA/30V output, USB and RS485 options, and over thirty isolated input signals.

Likewise the NTM-V meets an industry standard of 5.7 x 2.84 inches, but is only available in a metal housing, rendering it particularly beneficial in nuclear and military applications. The –V is also a single channel unit, and like the –B can handle either loop, signal, or external power options. This unit comes with all the aforementioned features of the –B, plus power inputs of 5-32VDC/90-265VAC, and configurable bar direction (up, down, center zero), self diagnostics, and requires only 100mW@5VDC.

Both models carry Otek’s signature lifetime warranty and are highly receptive to consumer-driven customization. We pride ourselves on adapting our technology to whatever and wherever your application needs may be!

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