Digital Sensors Poised to Make Splash in Wastewater Industry

A recent report from IDTechEx, an electronics market research company, predicts digital technologies will be a significant player in the wastewater industry that is predicted to post $2 billion in revenue by 2030. The report, entitled “Digital Water Networks 2020-2020,” makes use of current trends and projections to provide an approximate picture of the industry after a decade improving upon the current state of its technology. It also seeks to answers many of the questions plaguing the wastewater market today, such as where is the network leaking, can customer water use accurately be anticipated, how and which of current processes can be optimized?

One answer to those questions may be found in digital sensors, the study suggests. In a vast, overarching, and environmentally important industry as wastewater, it is imperative to know at all times what the various components of your operation are doing—this extends to everything from monitoring pipes across networks, pressure regulation, and early detection of possible leaks, for example. Unlike the traditional (and still widely used) human to lab testing whereby an employee takes a water sample and sends it to the lab for testing, sensors make use of the rapid improvements in digital process and measurement technology to provide up to the minute, continuous 24-7 monitoring that would exponentially improve plant efficiency and ROI.

As a longtime supplier to the wastewater and water treatment industries, OTEK stands a leader in state-of-the-art digital instrumentation for the exact type of continuous HMI/MMI monitoring the IDTechEx report calls for use. We have decades of experience servicing our partners in the industry, such as the Coachella Water District and the California Department of Water Resources, with an unparalleled commitment to innovation, dedication, and efficiency.

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