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Digital Sensors Poised to Make Splash in Wastewater Industry

A recent report from IDTechEx, an electronics market research company, predicts digital technologies will be a significant player in the wastewater industry that is predicted to post $2 billion in revenue by 2030. The report, entitled “Digital Water Networks 2020-2020,” makes use of current trends and projections to provide an approximate picture of the industry… Read more »

Continuous Monitoring Technology in the Wastewater Industry

With the emergence of automated and integrated technology, the wastewater industry is poised to make the same digital leap their counterparts in the nuclear and military sectors have experienced in recent years. With such an environmentally critical presence, the wastewater industry stands to benefit significantly from the proposed advancements in continuous monitoring and Fault Detection/Diagnostics,… Read more »

Blue Energy for the Nuclear Idea

Blue may very well be the new green in energy. A team of Ph.D. students working in the lab of mechanical engineer Jerry Wei-Jen Shan at Rutgers University has unlocked a startling new potential for the energy sector, and nuclear power plants in particular. Colloquially known as “Blue Energy”, this idea focuses on the energy… Read more »

A Look into Security Threats Facing the Water Treatment Industry

In a recent article published in Water Technology magazine, Indegy Director of Industrial Security and cyber-defense strategies guru, Chris Grove draws attention to the types of cybersecurity threats currently facing industrial water facilities. What he extols is rather surprising—while nuclear power plants sit on a fevered pitch against cybersecurity hackers, Mr. Grove says that for… Read more »