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Hoyt 5000 Series Replaced by PNP Technology

Often dabbling in the reselling and distribution business, Weschler Instruments offers many of the 5000 series analog meters originally manufactured by Hoyt Electrical Instruments. Once a staple across many industries, analogs like the 5000 series (including the 5015/5016, 5025/5026, and 5035/5036) have mainly been relegated to the I&C rooms of aging nuclear facilities, where NRC… Read more »

Vogtle Nuclear Plant Receives First Fuel Delivery

The two nuclear reactors under construction at the Vogtle Generating Plant have received their initial delivery of uranium fuel this week, reports controlling owner Georgia Power. The reactors, Vogtle 3 & 4 respectively, have been under construction since March of 2009, and have been built under the design of Westinghouse’s AP1000 pressurized water reactor. “Achieving… Read more »

A Homeric Look into Security Threats Facing the Water Treatment Industry

In a recent article published in Water Technology magazine, Indegy Director of Industrial Security and cyber-defense strategies guru Chris Grove draws attention to the types of cyber security threats currently facing industrial water facilities. What he extols is rather surprising—while nuclear power plants sit on a fevered pitch against cyber security hackers, Mr. Grove says… Read more »

There is No Other Way

1979 was a year of pitchforks and flames. In March, The China Syndrome became sinisterly prophetic when twelve days later its silver screen quotations fell in tune with the alarm bells ringing across America from the hills of western Pennsylvania’s Three Mile Island. Six months later a treasure trove of the country’s most beloved musicians… Read more »

The Nuclear Question in June: ANS 2019

As the dry heat sinks into the sand this June here in Arizona, Otek president and owner, Dr. Otto P. Fest, will be traveling to the more humid saturation of Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he has been invited to present his scholarly paper “Nuclear Main Control Room Obsolescence & Cyber Security Regulations Are New Challenges to… Read more »

Will the American Nuclear Industry Lose Footing to an Eager World?

As U.S. soil continues to be a sensational battleground for a rabidly politicized energy debate, the rest of the world is marshalling for the throne. Resting for decades on the laurels of being the planet’s leading nuclear authority, a hysterical new wave has cascaded from the shores of California to Rockport, Maine, embroiling the United… Read more »

Jane Fonda and Unfounded Nuclear Hysteria

“Hey Jack look at this water level indicator, water level’s low.” “This one says it’s high” “But that’s…that’s impossible….” Those of us fortunate enough to lift our heads above the jejune millennial waters, remember that horrific look that came crawling over Jack Lemmon’s character as he realized the chart recorder needle had been stuck and… Read more »

The New Green Deal, Sensationalism, and Nuclear Energy

In a recent article submitted to the Philadelphia Enquirer, the question of nuclear plant life extension was examined from both angles of the spectrum. Those in opposition, such as the anti-industry “Beyond Nuclear” group mentioned in the article, are spurred on by the recent left-wing hysteria surrounding the proposed New Green Deal, which champions the… Read more »

Untangling the Truth About Clean Nuclear Energy

Lost among the sensational daily calamity of life nineteen years into the 21st century is the truth. So muddled in the mire of incessantly wagging tongues salivating for their chance to wrest it to their notion of it, their screeching determination of what’s its purpose should be, or buried in the muck of western culture… Read more »