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Nuclear Energy Takes Another Step in Clean Energy Discussions

  In 2018 the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) made a proclamation heard around the world: nuclear energy is a source of clean energy alongside solar and wind renewables. As a collective organization made up of twenty-six different nations and sponsored by the European Union as a whole, their pronouncements on clean energy carry a global… Read more »

Faulty Components Found in French Nuclear Reactors

The devil as they say is in the details. Unfortunately, this English proverb translates to a €400 million problem in French for the state-owned power company, Electricite de France SA. In an announcement Tuesday, the company issued a warning that several of its nuclear reactors have been structurally compromised by faulty welding. EDF said it… Read more »

Politics Around the Nuclear Question

  CNN’s Democratic climate change town hall meeting certainly was extraordinary—in that it ran for seven consecutive hours and some people evidently wagered their sanity watching it till nearly midnight on September 4th.  With climate change now a global buffet for opinions and the Democratic presidential hopefuls pouncing on it with sensational glee, the soap… Read more »

Russian Explosion Points to Nuclear Reactor

U.S. Intelligence officials released a new report today detailing new information on the August 8th mysterious explosion off Russia’s northern coast, indicating that a nuclear reactor was in-fact involved in the blast. The report highlights a cocktail of radioactive isotopes—the main byproducts of nuclear fission—which swept over a nearby town and were identified by the… Read more »

Thorium Pushed as Substitute for Uranium by Democratic Candidate

  With the Democratic debates taking center stage upon America’s political spectrum in recent months, the expected campaign bombardment is in full effect. Every 6 o’clock news stations bleats out the statistics, facts (dubious at best), opinions, goals, personal attacks, and eager little beavers take to twitter or Facebook proclaiming this and that. It’s the… Read more »

Russian Nuclear Incident Reveals Small Modular Reactor

There’s an old adage we’re all familiar with: Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it. Well, six months shy of twenty years into this new millennium, and “Those” can apparently be substituted for the Russian government when it comes to nuclear technology. By now anyone with a cell phone or… Read more »

             At the end of next month a long shadow will withdraw from the American landscape. A hundred miles west of Philadelphia along the banks of the Susquehanna River, the dark and silent silos of Three Mile Island’s Unit 2 reactor hang lifeless and gray in the Quaker wind. Shut… Read more »

Otek at ISA Energy & Water Automation 2019 Conference

Among the lush emerald fairways and the heated palms, the Florida sun and summer’s end, Otek President & CEO Dr. Otto Fest is presenting his solution to analog obsolescence at the 2019 ISA Energy & Water Automation Conference. Under the stage lights of the Omni Orlando Resort, Dr. Fest will lecture on several key tenets… Read more »

Product Spotlight: Otek’s Universal Panel Meter (UPM)

Limitless Possibilities with New Universal Panel Meter Tucson, Arizona– Following on the heels of Otek’s highly successful New Technology Meter (NTM) Series, the Universal Panel Meter (UPM) combines our patented technology with an influx of high functionality to create a new meter with unlimited applicational use. Incorporating the award-winning “smart” technology that powers our NTM… Read more »

Otek Meters in Hollywood

                         Otek technology has been applied to numerous applications over the years, which has brought our meters into the secret bowels of submarines, into the cockpits of both commercial and military aircraft, into nuclear power plants and waste-water facilities, into tanks, jets, training simulators, oil rigs, farming equipment, trains, radio towers—and even, into… Read more »