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Why Digitize Your I&C Room?

Why Digitize Your I&C Room? Helping The Nuclear Promise Dr. Otto P. Fest, President & Founder, OTEK Corporation Approximately 340 Nuclear Power Plants are over 30 years old. Profits are diminished by obsolescence, inefficiency, and regulations. Obsolete instrumentation comes with exorbitant costs: High maintenance expenses, constant recalibration, low accuracy and resolution, no HMI/MMI and control,… Read more »

Obsolescence Solutions

 Obsolescence Solutions Dr. Otto Fest, President, OTEK Corporation History of OTEK, Dr. Fest’s Experience, and The Future In 1967, Dr. Fest was recruited by NASA during his senior year at IIT as one of 400,000 engineers to work on Apollo 11. Dr. Fest remained with NASA through the landing of Apollo 15 on July… Read more »

Helping The Nuclear Industry PowerPoint

How to Modernize/Digitize Your Control Room A presentation by Dr. Otto Fest, President of OTEK Corporation. Cybersafe | NEI08-09 and Appendix B 10CFR50 and 10CFR21 Compliance 80% of Nuclear Power Plants are over 30 years old and are overwhelmed by obsolescence, inefficiency, and regulations. The meters in these facilities are inaccurate, short-lived, obsolete, and expensive… Read more »

Obsolescence Hardened Bargraphs, Controllers, and More

Obsolete Meters Solution Video Highlights: History has always given us a choice: evolution or extinction. Will analog meters outlast your I&C room? Might we suggest that less is more? Our technology is simple and obsolescence hardened. Since 1974, OTEK has evolved it’s Loop-Powered technology and 45-years later, it still works! It has evolved through today…. Read more »