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OTEK Meters in Hollywood

OTEK technology has been applied to numerous applications over the years, which has brought our meters into the secret bowels of submarines, into the cockpits of both commercial and military aircraft, into nuclear power plants and waste-water facilities, into tanks, jets, training simulators, oil rigs, farming equipment, trains, radio towers—and even, into space. Well, the… Read more »

Instrumentation Global Market Released

        Fior Markets has released a global market study report entitled Global Process Instrumentation Market 2018 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type, and Application, Forecast to 2023, which predicts exponential growth for the process instrumentation market over the next five years. Several key players that are expected to shape and drive this growth are… Read more »

Upgrade to the Future, Upgrade to Otek

This, your standard Sigma 9270—cumbersome metal wrapped around an awkward and elongated shape nearly a foot long, and almost half as high, 10 VDC for an input signal, and outdated power supplies—this all before diving into the cosmetic faults inherent in decades-old analog technology such as this. Take a look at the display plate—that could… Read more »

Westinghouse VX251 Replaced by OTEK NTM-9

In the third quarter of 2017, the Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant, just north of Chattanooga, Tennessee, received a “white” rating from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for an undisclosed violation. While this was not enough to drop the plant’s Class 2 rating any further on the 1-5 NRC scale, it was enough to mandate corrective actions… Read more »

Double Tapping the Sigma 9222 with New Technology Replacements

The Sigma 9222—elongated, bulky at nearly four pounds, awkwardly designed to dimensions of 6.75 x 6.00 x 3.00 inches, parallax-ridden with a curved display, nervous needles comprised of plastic and dubious red teetering precariously over readings that resemble the unfurling of an old tape measure, glazed over by light at odd angles, eagerly given to… Read more »

Westinghouse KX241 Replacement

The Westinghouse KX241 was designed to harness technological breakthroughs that would allow the meter to achieve peak reliability and performance for both military and commercial applications. It was a rousing success. The meter performed to all the industry expectations and standards, resulting in a wide dispersal of the unit over a vast range of applications,… Read more »

George Westinghouse, Tesla, Analogs, & Otek

When the era of nuclear energy began nearly 50 years ago, Westinghouse was right there. Championed as “The world’s only true nobleman” by Nikola Tesla, company founder George Westinghouse was a man dedicated to making technology faster, more efficient, and with greater accuracy. From the rotary steam engine to air brakes, from the distribution of… Read more »

NTM-V The Sigma 9263 Replacement

Looking for a Sigma 9263 replacement? OTEK’s NTM-V transforms efficiency. Sigma Controls was founded in Perkasie, Pennsylvania, in 1985 with a focus on water-based applications for measurement and control. Picking up business as the analog age began to ride its last wave, the company cashed in on the advent of digital meters and rode that… Read more »

OTEK Instruments Still Measure Up While Temps Fall

With a frigid Armageddon falling over the Midwest and Northeast parts of the U.S. this week, the very fabric of society seems to be frozen itself. Mail has been suspended in Michigan, people are freezing to death for cigarettes, beer is turning to yellow blocks in trucks before they reach the stores, businesses have shuttered… Read more »

Sigma 1251 Disappears into the Obsolescence Cloud

Sigma Instruments was incorporated in 1995 for distribution of products in the semiconductor and vacuum-coating industries. Long before then however, the company had been a major player in the analog metering sector for nuclear power plants with one of their staples, the Sigma 1251. With the curved subjectivity of its PSG display and drooping needle,… Read more »