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Simpson Electric Century Models Replaced by PNP Technology

                    Functioning as a reseller, Weschler offers the Simpson 2142, 2143, 2152, 2153, 2144, and 2154 analog meters. Branded under the once-popular “Electric Century Style”, and ranging in size from 2 ½ to 4 ½ inches, these analogs feature an acrylic glass display with a thin… Read more »

Weschler VX-252 Replaced by PNP-9

Weschler offers its VX-252, VC-252, and VR3-252 edgewise instruments for use in the nuclear industry. Boasting a rugged design and calibrating ability to 1% accuracy, the 252 class are magnetically shielded with self-contained inputs and a scale length of 4 ½ inches. These instruments adhere to IEEE standard 420-1973 and can be expected to meet… Read more »

SSAM-N Replaces the Ametek/Dixson BW051P

Weschler Instruments offers the Ametek Dixson model BW051P as a replacement for all 4½ inch standard ANSI switchboard meters. Directly, the BW051P serves as a form, fit and function replacement for the GE/Yokogawa DB40 meters that were immensely popular across several industries during the heyday of analog technology. Additionally the BW051P can also serve as… Read more »

How Manufacturers Can Meet the Requirements of the DoD’s CMMC

As the manufacturing industry increasingly becomes more reliant on digital systems, they also become more vulnerable to cyber security attacks. Now it’s true that most U.S. manufacturers already have provisions or protocols for cyber security in place, but are they up to the ever-evolving tactics of cyber hackers? And if they plan to elicit government… Read more »

Cyber Security an Issue for the Maritime Industry

Cyber security is becoming an increasing problem for the maritime industry. As the information age has increasingly become digital, it should be no surprise that cyber security has become an important issue across nearly every sector of business, including industries like maritime and related shipping. As recently as this year, the Switzerland shipping giant MSC… Read more »

New U.S. Hybrid Fuel Could Galvanize Nuclear Industry

As the number of global nuclear reactors has declined to a 30-year low, advocates for nuclear energy say the industry is in dire need of innovation to keep its preeminence in the world’s energy future secure. Design advancements such as small modular reactors have been suggested, and in fact are being implemented in the United… Read more »

Browns Ferry Nuclear Earns Recognition for Carbon Innovation

In keeping with the global movement toward clean energy, Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) Brown’s Ferry Nuclear Plant has been lauded for its three-year project that resulted in the plant being able to double its carbon-free energy output. The project allows TVA, which supplies energy to seven surrounding states across the Southeastern United States, to produce… Read more »

Raytheon Inks Lucrative Deal with Aerojet Rocketdyne

One of the largest defense contractors in the United States, Raytheon company, recently reached a deal with missile/rocket manufacturer Aerojet Rocketdyne, Inc. for the purchase of the latter’s propulsion systems. Arriving on the heels of Raytheon’s standard missile production contract with the Department of Defense, this deal aims to vastly improve the company’s supply chain… Read more »

Universal Panel Meter – Possibilities

Tucson, AZ – Continuing to push the technological limits of metering technology, OTEK Corporation introduces its latest product line: The Universal Panel Meter (UPM) series. This unique technology has the ability to function as both a DPM as well as a Counter/Timer for a wide variety of applications across a host of industries. As strictly… Read more »

Product Spotlight: OTEK’s Universal Panel Meter (UPM)

Limitless Possibilities with New Universal Panel Meter Tucson, Arizona– Following on the heels of OTEK’s highly successful New Technology Meter (NTM) Series, the Universal Panel Meter (UPM) combines our patented technology with an influx of high functionality to create a new meter with unlimited applicational use. Incorporating the award-winning “smart” technology that powers our NTM… Read more »