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Weschler VX-252 Replaced by PNP-9

Weschler offers its VX-252, VC-252, and VR3-252 edgewise instruments for use in the nuclear industry. Boasting a rugged design and calibrating ability to 1% accuracy, the 252 class are magnetically shielded with self-contained inputs and a scale length of 4 ½ inches. These instruments adhere to IEEE standard 420-1973 and can be expected to meet… Read more »

Weschler H6856 Replaced by PNP Technology

Obsolete analog meters, or refurbished units still on the market and in many instrumentation and control rooms (I&C), have long posed a tedious challenge to operators looking to replace them. Often the arduousness of finding suitable replacements can also accrue higher expenses as newer technology demands higher operating costs. However, the most common problem operators… Read more »

NRC Ponders 100-year License Extension

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission convened Thursday to discuss the possibility of a 100-year license for nuclear plants in the United States. The meeting is expected to revolve around potential safety-related issues such an extension could incur—such as the long-term effects of aging concrete, electrical wiring, instrumentation and process-driven components—in addition to the bureaucratic feasibility of… Read more »

Mirion Technologies Acquires Sun Nuclear

In a move announced January 7th, Mirion Technologies, Inc. is set to acquire noted radiation oncology provider Sun Nuclear, in a transaction of yet to be disclosed financial value. The acquisition is expected to aid Mirion’s effort to diversify its portfolio across a broad range of industries that include nuclear, military, research, and medical markets…. Read more »

Cyber Attack Compromises U.S. Nuclear Facilities

As the U.S. reels from a blistering cyber security attack this week that has infected over a dozen federal agencies, the nation’s nuclear power facilities may have been breached as well. Reports from the Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration indicate that hackers have indeed accessed their internal networks as part of… Read more »

Exelon Entertains Idea of Splitting Its Utilities and Nuclear Businesses

U.S. energy giant Exelon Corporation is mulling a decision to split the company’s multistate utilities from its nuclear generation arm. The consideration comes on the heels of a financially rough year for the company which announced in August that it would be closing two of its twenty-one nuclear facilities, the respective Byron and Dresden plants… Read more »

How Manufacturers Can Meet the Requirements of the DoD’s CMMC

As the manufacturing industry increasingly becomes more reliant on digital systems, they also become more vulnerable to cyber security attacks. Now it’s true that most U.S. manufacturers already have provisions or protocols for cyber security in place, but are they up to the ever-evolving tactics of cyber hackers? And if they plan to elicit government… Read more »

DOE Awards $1.4 Billion to SMR Project

The future of small modular reactors just received a major boost from the Department of Energy. Struggling in recent weeks after the collective decision by the Utah Associated Municipal Power System (UAMPS) to scrap its acceptance to be the pilot program for leading small modular reactor (SMR) designer and startup, NuScale Power, the company was… Read more »

Nuclear Fusion Possible by 2025?

Once the stuff of science fiction and speculative energy geeks with far-fetched dreams, a new series of studies published in the Journal of Plasma Physics last month, and in conjunction with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, postulates that controlled nuclear fusion might indeed be possible by 2025. The grounds for such a claim are rooted… Read more »

New U.S. Hybrid Fuel Could Galvanize Nuclear Industry

As the number of global nuclear reactors has declined to a 30-year low, advocates for nuclear energy say the industry is in dire need of innovation to keep its preeminence in the world’s energy future secure. Design advancements such as small modular reactors have been suggested, and in fact are being implemented in the United… Read more »