Browns Ferry Nuclear Earns Recognition for Carbon Innovation

In keeping with the global movement toward clean energy, Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) Brown’s Ferry Nuclear Plant has been lauded for its three-year project that resulted in the plant being able to double its carbon-free energy output. The project allows TVA, which supplies energy to seven surrounding states across the Southeastern United States, to produce power that constitutes 60% carbon-free energy.

Known as the Extended Power Uprate, the project aimed at replacing and refining current steam dryers to incite an increased steam flow through all three of Browns Ferry’s reactors. With the increase in steam flow, all three units can generate a cumulative power total of 465 megawatts of electricity, which is sufficient enough to provide power to 280,000 homes on top of the more than 2 million homes the plant already services at 3,800 megawatts.

“This tremendous honor recognizes the hard work, commitment and technological excellence exhibited by everyone who contributed to making the extended uprate project a success at Browns Ferry,” Browns Ferry site vice president Steve Bono said Friday, “This includes the dedicated TVA employees and contract partners who installed the upgrades and modifications that prepared our units to safely and reliably generate even more carbon-free energy. That reliability is reflected as we mark more than 600 days of continuous operation for unit 1.”

A joint venture with General Electric-Hitachi and noted systems integrator Sargent & Lundy, officials representing the nuclear plant also commented, “The steam dryer innovation recognized by this latest award is the result of the collaboration between the EPU team based at Browns Ferry and two vendor partners, Sargent & Lundy and General Electric-Hitachi, to develop a new and robust design to support the higher steam flow rates. Following the installation of all EPU modifications, extensive power ascension testing on each unit verified design specifications to ensure safety and reliability.”

As a proud supplier of Class 1E instrumentation to the nuclear industry and TVA in particular, OTEK keeps an earnest eye on technological improvements such as this and is ready to contribute its own technology to the cause. This summer our engineers have been hard at work on a new project of our own, the Powerless Plug & Play meter, otherwise known as the PPP. Minuscule, versatile, and unique in the way it approaches drop-in replacements for obsolete analog and digital meters, the PPP looks to debut in early Fall. Be sure to check back soon!

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