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Lifetime Warranty

Our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty since 1974
(Revised 1-10-19)

The high quality of our products allows us to offer an unprecedented lifetime warranty on every single piece of equipment we produce to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. OTEK may from time to time deem it necessary without prior notice to discontinue a particular product due to parts obsolescence, and shall not be liable for offering a suitable replacement, or for any subsequent losses or damages whatsoever.

OTEK’s policy on the Disassembly and Recalibration of its Products

End users of our products are authorized to change ranges and recalibrate OTEK’s instruments without voiding the warranty provided the instructions below are followed:

NOTE: Our lifetime warranty is issued to the buyer of our products (user or distributor) and can be transferred to ONE end user. End user must identify the source (distributor/reseller) and the original P.O.# to Otek Corporation at time of requesting a Return Material Authorization (RMA) from Otek. When requesting an RMA and in shipping documents please include all symptoms otherwise a “look-up” fee will be charged.

1) COMMERCIAL GRADE: End users may remove an instrument from its housing to facilitate the setting of range dip switches or jumpers.

2) NUCLEAR (Commercial Grade or Class1E) and MIL-SPEC GRADES: Unauthorized opening of housing and/or changing any internal component voids our lifetime warranty. Exceptions allowed in writing by OTEK Corporation Engineering Department.

3) If range resistors need to be changed or if malfunctioning parts need to be replaced, the instrument must be returned to OTEK to be reworked. All solder rework must be performed by the factory.

4) End users may recalibrate instruments using OTEK’s factory commands with the understanding that any original calibration data could be lost. It is the customer’s/end user’s responsibility to record any old calibration data before any recalibration is done.

OTEK shall not be liable by way of indemnity or by reason of tort (including negligence), statute, warranty, or any other reason whatsoever, for any loss of profit, loss of business, loss of contracts, physical damage to the property of third parties or injury to persons, or for any special, indirect or economic or consequential losses or damages. Except to the extent this limitation is prohibited by law, OTEK’s liability pursuant to any purchase order for breach of contract or by reason of any tort ( including gross negligence), statute, warranty or any other reason whatsoever, shall in no event exceed the price (or value) of any purchase order.

Note: Issuance of a purchase order by buyer constitutes acceptance of these terms & conditions.

Read our “No Fine Print” Terms and Conditions here.


PCB Designer – Full time (Mon- Fri), permanent position with benefits, open for a PCB Designer. Minimum three years (or more) experience in PCB design required. Minimum Requirements (including experience) include residency and past/present references. The main design programs we work with are Protel and Eagle. Knowledge in Solid Works, Orcad and Autocad are a plus. Please send resume in confidence to dawn@otekcorp.com. (Updated 6.2.15)