5G Also Brings Cybersecurity Concerns

As the 21st-century rolls ever forward, new advances in technology and connectivity continue to bloom like flowers in its wake. One such advance that has been highly anticipated for over a year now is the impending 5G wireless network. Colloquially referred to as the ‘5th Generation’ of wireless technology, this latest wave of digital cellular networks is expected to bolster efficiency, reliability, and speed across a host of industries—including the global manufacturing supply chain. 5G also comes with cybersecurity concerns.

For manufacturing companies especially, 5G offers three main pillars of improvement:

  1. 5G Cybersecurity Concerns Network Speed
  • – Expected to be 100x faster than its 4G predecessor
  • – Increased fine-tuning in the years to come could produce speeds up to 1000x faster
  1.  Latency
  • – The amount of time it takes to relay information from point A to point B
  • – Decreasing the amount of time this relay takes will improve machines’ ability to react to issues and        scenarios in real-time
  • – Also expands servers and machine capacity for larger amounts of data
  1.  Connection Reliability
  • – Confidence among human operators in the reliability of their wireless communication abilities should yield higher levels of productivity

**The ultimate goal for manufacturers using 5G is to mirror the reliability and efficiency of wired communications**

However, despite the vast treasure trove of resources 5G offers, we would do well to remember Newton’s Third Law: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. The speed at which 5G will be able to process data, coupled with its broad range of connective communication, opens avenues not only for businesses and operations—but for cybercriminals as well. With our world steeping itself more and more in digital architecture by the year, cybersecurity has become a major aspect of both domestic and global business. 5G offers such an immense influx of speed that cyber attacks could be carried out with an exacting tenacity previously unseen—we think here of the recent cyber attacks on Riviera Beach in Florida, as well as the crippling attack on Baltimore that shut down large swaths of the city’s administrative capabilities and exacted a payment to release the compromised systems. What further damage might have been inflicted if these criminals were able to marshal the bullet-like speed of 5G technology?

As a result of our efforts to address this concern within another industry, that of the American Nuclear fleet, OTEK recently unveiled the instrumentation industry’s first Cyber Security Exempt digital panel meter.  Known as the Solid State Analog Meter (SSAM), this revolution in digital technology can boldly claim to be impervious to cybersecurity concerns faced by other digital instruments, by way of being designed without any critical digital assets such as microprocessors. OTEK’s engineering team replaced these digital assets with non-digital components such as CMOS Logic and married that with our latest hardware and award-wining digital technology—including the newest advancements in LED display technology. The end result is a highly visible, technologically superior instrument, that is invulnerable to the cybersecurity challenges rising throughout our increasingly digital world.

Product features of the SSAM include:

  • – 100% signal or external power
  • – Signal Failure Alarm which alerts the operator in the event of a lost or damaged signal
  • – 4 ½ digit LED display at 0.1% accuracy
  • – 3-second conversion rate
  • – SPDT SSR or Reed Relays
  • – Optional NEMA4x shielding
  • – Customizable scale plate design that allows for an unlimited range of colors and language decals,        easily interchangeable without having to remove the unit from the surrounding panel cut-out

As new technological innovations such as 5G wireless enter the global workforce and even our homes, OTEK stands at the ready to continue its role as an industry leader in efficiency, reliability, and innovation.

For further information on the SSAM or any of OTEK’s other products, please call (520) 748-7900 or email our sales department: sales@otekcorp.com