Trump Eyes 2021 for a $1.2 Billion Budget Proposal in Nuclear R&D

President Donald Trump remains committed to bolstering the nuclear industry despite prior administration rollbacks. Following his proclamation that the “revitalization of the domestic industry and the ability of domestic technologies to compete abroad,” President Trump recently signed a proposed budget of $1.2 billion for 2021 for the nuclear industry to invest in the research and development of new technological applications.

Since assuming the mantle of president, Trump has routinely pushed to maintain and expand the country’s nuclear fleet—often in response to global powers like China and Russia collaborating with each other as each country attempts to supplant the U.S.’s global nuclear supremacy. This latest proposal by Trump tops last year’s budget of $824 million and is a clear sign the president intends to capitalize on recent moves within the industry such as awarding funds (via the Department of Defense) for the creation of a Versatile Test Reactor run by Idaho National Labs, as well as various bills designed to expedite the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s process for awarding building permits on new facilities.

With Trump clearly signaling that nuclear will play a major role in shaping America’s energy future, Otek intends to be with the industry step for step by providing innovative and efficient technological solutions—such as our NTM-9 model from our award-winning New Technology Series.

Designed as a vertical unit with dimensions of 2.16” W x 6” H, the NTM-9 form, fit, and function replaces popular but obsolete analog nuclear instrumentation such as the GE/Yokogawa 180, Weschler VX251 & 252, Dixon BB101, Sigma 1151, and the Crompton 128 among a host of others. The NTM-9 also features an automatic tricolor bar with intensity control and 4 digit display, an input fail alarm with runtime stamp, self-diagnostics, isolated serial I/O, USB/RS485, math functions, 4 relays or O.C.T., over 30 isolated input signals, a configurable bar direction (up/down/center zero), and power requirements of only 100mW@5VDC. The NTM-9 also comes with Otek’s lifetime warranty and is highly customizable to a vast array of consumer-driven applications.

With the industry reawakening under President Trump, Otek will be working overtime to meet the technological needs of an industry on the verge of digital modernization.

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