How Does OTEK’s New Technology Differ?

We use ultra-efficient LEDs, nanotechnology ASIC, high-efficiency power management techniques, state of the art software that has been Verified & Validated (SV&V), monolithic transformers for greater accuracy and isolation, our patented loop power technique, signal failure detection-alarming, patented A.C. signal powering technique, 16 bit ASIC DAC with galvanic isolation and optoisolated relay drivers. We also offer OTEK’s exclusive LIFETIME WARRANTY!

All-New Technology products share the same innovative electronic circuit design. The difference between the models is their mechanical features (see Block Diagram and mechanical drawings in our product catalogs). Some devices are displays only, some are single or multi-channel, some can have relays, DACs, ethernet, and flash memory, and some require an external power source. All of our recent products contain New Technology, which consumes less than 1% of the power of comparable digitals (20-100mW for loop/signal powered versions) and approaches the power consumption of analog meters. The upgraded bargraph meters and instrumentation also reduce inefficiency in recording measurements to ensure facilities run optimally.

Product Features

Best in Class

Reverse Engineering

OTEK specializes in reverse engineering obsolete analog and digital instrumentation.


Plug & Play is the cornerstone philosophy behind all of OTEK’s award-winning products.

Obsolescence Hardened

Instruments designed to stand the test of time to eliminate obsolescence.