NTM-D (ANSI 3.5” barrel case)

The NTM-D is a replacement for any 3 1/2" analog or digital meter. Industry standard 3.5” barrel case housing available in plastic only. This single channel Bar-Digital meter is available in loop (4-20mA), A.C. signal or external power to replace fit, form and function any analog or digital panel meter. Our Powerless (loop/signal) versions only consume <60mW, comparable to an analog meter! The external power series features over 30 signal conditioners. The unit is equipped with a 51 segment automatic and programmable tricolor bargraph and four digit LED display ( and - Standard factory set color changes are: red: <10 and >90%, yellow: <20 and >80%, green: >20 and <80% of full scale (you can change it with simple commands).