HI-Q116 (Replaces Bailey RY)

The HI-Q 116 is part of Otek’s line of versatile programmable process controllers that are extremely adaptable and can be customized or programmed uniquely to a variety of process control systems and applications. This model was designed to replace the old technology of electromechanical analog edgewise bar graph panel meters. The HI-Q 116 is highly programmable and available with single or dual bar graph displays. It is capable of displaying a large number of variables and scales, including watts, volts, amps, RPM, percent or any sensor output. Up to two displays are 4 digit LED displays that complement the bar graph displays by adding precision. One or two 51-segment LED arrays, or bar graphs, allow for range based control of the color displayed. All displays can be configured with programmable limits and allow for dimming, blinking, and pointing. Standard colors include red, green, and amber with others available upon request.