Looking for a Loop Powered Digital LED Indicator?

The 4-20mA current loop has proven to be a simple, effective, and reliable means of transmitting electronic signals and power on a single pair of wires. Since current is constant for all points in a loop, current loops can transmit lossless signals over kilometers of wiring. Large facilities have widely adopted the 4-20mA signal as a primary means of data transmission to ensure signal integrity.

Evolving LED Technology has Rendered the LCD Obsolete

Digital Panel Meter (DPM) users have always had a difficult choice to make when it comes to their display. While having options available to the industry is necessary, it also creates a complex decision making process.

HI-Q101 Scheduled to be discontinued

Our model HI-Q101 is scheduled to be discontinued due to the increased unavailability of required parts and components.

Measuring is Improving: the Importance of Accurate Measurement in Industry

One of the most important factors in running a successful business is the ability to maintain control.

The Real-World Importance of Human to Machine Interface in Otek’s New Technology Meters

Safety is of utmost importance for anyone working in a critical environment, like a nuclear power plant or oil refinery.

Digital Barmeter Goes Green

OTEK Corporation has been pursuing knowledge and implementing practices to go green in the office for many years. A more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible approach to decision making benefits everyone. In our industry, you are bound to come across some things that are not as gentle to the earth as they could be. Some technologies that were once cutting-edge have been discovered to be quite harmful.

New Digital Meter Replaces Old Analog Meters

The analog panel meter has been the indicator of choice for many years. The analog meters ground breaking technology, invented by Sir R. Weston in 1843, allowed a meter to be signal powered. Although it was groundbreaking at the time, this same technology presents opportunities for accidents.


Otek Corporation has introduced its HI-QTEK series of P.I.C. with specific applications in nuclear (10CFR50), Mil-Spec (NVG3) and industrial.



Otek Corporation is offering its model HI-QTBS programmable intelligent controller with an explosion proof housing approved for Class I, II, and III, CENELEC, EEx and NEMA 4, 7 and 9 application requirements in the petrochemical, military, mining, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and biomedical industries.  The new “EP” case can withstand stea

Smart Serial I/O Bargraph/Digital Meter

Otek’s HI-QSLIM series bargraphs feature V/mADC and/or RS232C/485 input.  Measuring only 0.95"W x 6”H x 1.8” D, three different models are available with either 51 or 101 segments and a 2-digit display, or a 7-segment, (8) 0.6” digits display with limited alpha characters and 0-9 numerals plus decimal points.


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