OTEK CORPORATION has released to the market its Models HI-Q2K and HI-Q2000 that replaces the form, fit and function of aging/obsolete analog and digital bargraphs from GE, Sigma and Versatile. These new bargraphs use the same reliable hardware and software (SV &V certified) as featured in the company's popular HI-Q Series now in use in innumerable nuclear, military and industrial installations.

OTEK’s unique automatic tricolor LED or LCD displays meet HFE and HSI requirements. This feature, coupled with analog and discrete outputs, assists in upgrading existing installations to 21st century technology -- suitable for Intranet or DCS/SCADA with Serial I/O.

 The model HI-Q2000 is nuclear qualified. Model HI-Q2K is the industrial and Mil-Spec counterpart. Both models fit inside existing legacy housings and match the existing wiring.  The new housing style conforms to EPRI’s 102323-R2 and Mil-Std 461,167 and others for Class 1E (EMI/RFI susceptibility).