Appendix B Program Update - October 2016

Otek Corporation continues to make great progress in our efforts to update our procedures in order be a direct supplier to the US Nuclear Power Fleet.  

Within the last two months, the Otek team has accomplished the following objectives:

  • Otek has completed new receiving and inspection procedures for incoming parts to be used to build Nuclear Grade Class 1E (aka Basic) Components.
  • We have completed new inventory management procedures for Basic Components built under our Appendix B program.
  • We have completed new production-level procedures for board population, soldering, assembly and test for Basic Components.
  • We have certified internal QA inspectors for Basic Components.
  • We have implemented new M&TE (Measurement and Test Equipment) management procedures for all in-house test equipment.
  • We have started activity for new Nuclear Grade Component software development and control procedures that build upon our current commercial-grade procedures. Target for completion is November 1.
  • We plan to write new procedures that improve upon our current cyber-security procedures and controls for inclusion into our Basic Component procedures. Our target for completion is November 1.

We continue to build Commercial Grade parts for our Nuclear customers. We are also in talks with several Nuclear Power customers to receive QA Audit teams to review our Appendix B plans and procedures in the weeks ahead.

Stay tuned for further progress on Otek’s Appendix B program.

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