Annual NUPIC Vendor Meeting, June 22, 2016, St. Louis, Missouri

Otek was in attendance at the 25th Annual Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee (NUPIC) Vendor Meeting. Over 350 representatives of nuclear utility companies, QA organizations, auditors, professional organizations and suppliers to the nuclear industry were in attendance. Otek’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Tony Spear, attended the all-day session which included the following:

  • Message to Suppliers and Stakeholders
  • NUPIC Perspective and Update
  • NRC Update
  • Nuclear Supply Chain Strategic Leadership
  • New Plant Update
  • Nuclear Safety Culture
  • Vendor Performance Monitoring
  • Effective Supplier Oversite

We found the following Take-aways to be significant:

  • The Nuclear Promise is a very real effort to reduce nuclear power generation costs across-the-board by 30%. The intent is to reduce costs significantly enough to make nuclear energy much more competitive with coal and natural gas. Roughly one dozen task forces, all chaired by chief nuclear officers of various utilities are working hard to make real progress. Otek believes that our New Technology Meter (NTM) series could help the utilities in many ways to “Deliver The Nuclear Promise” in their Instrument and Control rooms.
  • New regulations are under development to allow calibration and testing laboratories to  apply for a special nuclear certification rather than be on-site QA audited by vendor companies. This looks like a significant cost-savings opportunity for the nuclear vendors and labs.
  • An effort is underway to standardize important documents in the supply chain process, with the intent to eliminate errors, reduce lead times and ultimately reduce costs.

For more information:

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