Nuclear Ready


Otek has a long history of providing replacement meters for the Nuclear Power Industry for old and obsolete Analog Meters and more recent, yet still obsolete, 1980’s-vintage Digital Panel and Bar Graph Meters.


Two of our latest New Technology Meter (NTM) Products, the NTM-9 and the NTM-M (pictured at left) are 100% Form, Fit and Function (FFF) compatible with the popular GE-180 Bar Graph Meter and DB-40 Switchboard Meter.

Otek Corporation has placed Nuclear Grade Intelligent Instruments throughout the USA Nuclear Power Fleet.

We are proud to announce that the following highly-respected suppliers to the Nuclear Power Industry are now certified manufacturer’s representatives for the Otek Nuclear Products Power line:

·         Nepco Nuclear Energy Products: Northest US & Florida

o   Don Broschard,, 215-688-6652


·       DG NuclearTVA, Southern US (except Florida) & Texas

o   Cornell Dupill,, 724-845-7300 x24


·        NMG, Nuclear Marketing Group: Midwest US, WA & CA: NMG, Nuclear Marketing Group

o   Warren Carah,, 810-227-1965


Please contact any of the above organizations for more information about Otek Nuclear Products for your particular Nuclear Application.