NT Series Transmitters

Otek's new NT Series offers a variety of 4-20mA transmitters, re-transmitters, isolators and calibrators.  We have dozens of signal conditioners that can be used to excite the input from your transmitter and convert it to a current loop or voltage.

Otek offers models that can be powered from the input signal, such as the NTT with its 0-5 amp input, as well as models with optional displays so that the process variable can be both monitored at the panel as well as in the control room.

OTEK’s 420 (2.5"W x 4.5"H x .75"D) was developed by popular demand for a low cost, no frills field calibrator with 3 1/2 LED digital display for any device requiring the popular 4-20mA current loop signal.

The 420 also measures your current loop powerless (no power required) so you can calibrate your transmitter.

OTEK’s New Technology Transmitter (NTT) was designed to replace old “thumbwheel controllers.”   These were popular in 1960 nuclear installations to allow operators to manually control a variety of current loop (4-20mA) driven loads.  These controllers were used to control valves, motors, flood gates, etc., in conjunction with and/or in place of automatic controls.

The NTT is a form and function meter that is compatible with OTEK’s WES-1 controller, and has the added features of OTEK’s patent pending New Technology (also used in the LPD Series).  The New Technology features 100% loop powered bar-digital automatic tricolor display, automatic signal/load failure detect and reporting, single ASIC/nanotechnology self diagnostics & reporting, µC and serial input control of 4-20mA output (or manual control via a 270º front panel potentiometer for high reliability, stability and resolution).