HI-QSLIM Edgewise Bargraph Indicator Display Meter

Product Description:



The HI-QSLIM series is a part of Otek’s low cost smart indicators that are versatile and programmable. This series has a variety of display options including a bar graph display with a 51-segment LED array or a 101-segment LED array and a standard 2-digit LED display, available in horizontal or vertical configuration, and a simple 8-digit remote display with limited alpha charachters. Standard colors include red or green with other colors available upon request. As with many of Otek’s products, this meter series has the ability to display a number of variables and scales using 4-20 mA or VDC inputs, including watts, volts, amps, RPM, percent, or any other sensor output. The HI-QSLIM models feature a serial input allowing for use as a serial remote display, or a slave display, for plant intranet. With inputs including RS232C, RS485 I/O or USB I/O, for PLC, DCS and SCADA, making these digital panel meters ideal for any process monitoring needs.

Otek specializes in customizing instrumentation for process control and automation to fit a variety of needs. For more information please contact us. All of Otek’s products are covered by a lifetime warranty.



Replacement Units:

Panel Cut-Out Dimensions: .81" x 5.410" x 1.775" (Width x Height x Depth)


  • RS-232C or RS-485 I/O or USB I/O
  • ASCII Characters
  • Stackable on 1 Inch Centers
  • Vertical or Horizontal Viewing (Slim 3)
  • Zero & Span Front Panel Controls
  • Only 2" Deep NEMA3 Housing 6x1x2" (NEMA4X on Request)
  • Max power @5VDC: 1 watt, Universal Power Input
  • Standard Unicolor Red or Custom Multicolor (R,G,Y)
  • Free Custom Software for Minimum Purchases
  • Compatible with Any RS-232/422/485 /USBASCII System
  • Lifetime Warranty (LTD.)

Suggested Uses:

  • Remote Display for RS-232/485/USB
  • Process Meter (4-20mA/0-5VDC)
  • Trend Indicator
  • Counter
  • Timer
  • Inclinometer Indicator
  • Well Depth
  • Distance
  • Position
  • Altitude
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Flow
  • Humidity
  • pH
  • RPM
  • Strokes Per Hour/Per Minute
  • Process monitoring and control

Additional Information:


OTEK's 100 series is discontinued and replaced with the model NTM-0


OTEK's 200 series is discontinued and replaced with the model NTM-0.


OTEK's 207 series is discontinued and replaced with the model NTM-0.


OTEK's 213 series is discontinued and replaced with the model NTM-0.


OTEK's 350 series is discontinued and replaced with the model NTM-0.


OTEK's model 413 is discontinued and replaced with the model HI-QCPM.