Listed below are the products that have been discontinued at OTEK. New products have been developed using state of the art technologies that have replaced some older technologies/products. Upon reviewing the product page, you can see what new technologies have replaced discontinued products by selecting your model below.  The datasheets are also provided for reference.

OTEK's model 900 is discontinued.

The Series 900 is the Industry’s First Loop Powered Controller, that requires no power supply to give you on-off & proportional control of your process.

The Series 900 is the Industry’s First Loop Powered Controller, that requires no power supply to give you on-off & proportional control of your process.  The 900 Series can be ordered as a 4-20mA Transmitter Only; Transmitter with Display; Transmitter with Controller; Display only; Controller Only, Controller  with Display or as Transmitter  with Display & Controller.  They are all Loop Powered in one small package, which is available in three grades: Explosion Proof;  Sanitary (IP65) or Industrial.Mounting:You can mount the 900 Commercial Case virtually anywhere such as chassis, panel (front or behind), pipe (use “U” bracket), Din Rail (specify DIN Rail mounting) or just stick it to the wall.  The Sanitary Nema 4X (IP65) option can be mounted on a wall, panel or pipe (use 2ea 2¼” U bracket).
Power Supply Considerations:
You can add as many “Loads” in series with the current loop, limited by the min-max compliance voltage. IE: Transmitter Only: 8-36V, Transmitter-Controller: 14-42V, TransmitterCont. & Display: 16-44V. See Speci?cations. Controller: 
Two opto-isolated open collector transistors controlled by dual comparators with hysteresis and delay (0.5 sec. to avoid noise) will control on-off your process.  Limits’ adjustment is via the 12 turn potentiometers labeled LL & HL, the LEDs give you visual indication (yellow & red) of set point status.
Transmitter: The 900 Series has two adjustments for the current loop output, zero & span with 12 turn potentiometers labeled 4 & 20 (mA). The analog signal conditioner’s output is used to drive the high accuracy monolithic current loop (4-20mA Transmitter).
Display: The optional built-in display has 3½ digits (1999 max) with 0.5” LCD digits and it’s loop driven as well.  There are two adjustments for the display, zero & span (Z & S).  Decimal points must be speci? ed at time of ordering.
Protection: The 900 Series is double zener protected (at the current loop inputs) for reversed input & up to 40VDC & 100mADC. 
Isolation: Input signals must be electrically isolated from the loop’s power by at least, 1 Mega Ohm.

****This model has been discontinued.  See our new NT Series of transmitters/controllers.*****


OTEK's ACL (2.60"W x 3.70"H) is a A.C. Loop transmitter/controller for volts, amps, watts or hertz with optional 4 1/2 digital display.

The World's Largest Manufacturer of Current Loop Products and inventor of Loop Powered Meters, Transmitters and Controllers brings you its new "ACL" Series based on its patents #4,908,569; 6,285,094 and other patents pending. The ACL Series consists of dual RMS-DC converters and a 4-20mA transmitter along with either Hz to  VDC, VAC-VDC, AAC-VDC or W-VDC converters. All powered by OTEK's exclusive VAC (from your potential transformer) to DC converter and/or Amps AC (from your current transformer (C.T.).  With the ACL all you need to do is bring  2 wires from your power line/load to your panel saving you thousands of dollars on H.V. conduit and safety certi? cations. The universally accepted Current Loop data process  transmission means that you can remotely monitor and control generators, motors, loads,power factor, transmission lines and other critical power related data, without the hazard inherent of high voltage and current wiring.

NOTE: Not Recommended for TRIAC/SCR Firing.


The DIN-BAR (1.88"W x 3.75"H x 4.40"D) is an auto-tricolor barg-digital controller. Enclosed in a standard 1/8 Din NEMA 4X Housing and includes plug-in screw terminal connectors for all I/O, except the Serial "RS" which uses a "DB-9" Connector.

The DIN-BAR  was specifically designed to replace (form & fit) the old electromechanical bargraphs, with 21st Century Technology exclusive to OTEK, the originator of the Automatic Tricolor Bargraph  P.I.C. (Programmable Intelligent Controllers).  The only similarity is the panel cut out, mounting and bezel. The rest is all OTEK's proven design with thousands of units installed from Space Stations to Military, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Transportation and other critical industries (all products are LIFETIME (LTD) WARRANTIED.) The New "DIN-BAR" is enclosed in a standard 1/8 Din NEMA 4X Housing and includes plug-in screw terminal connectors for all  I/O,  except  the Serial "RS" which uses a "DB-9" Connector. It can be used as a remote display (serial input) for PLC, DCS, SCADA or Stand Alone with Analog I/O with 4 Relays.  Power Inputs for 5VDC, 10-32VDC, 18-75VDC or 90-265VAC  are available. The 51 Segment Bargraph changes color automatically upon reaching  programmable limit(s) and can be configured for dimming and blinking. The digital display (4 digits) provides  0.1% resolution. The Math Functions (Floating Point Math) allow scientific calculations, such as Polynomials (9th), X-Y Tables and Flow Calculations.

OTEK's HI-Q112 has been discontinued and replaced with the new SRD unit.


OTEK's LPT is discontinued.



OTEK's LSB (4.35"W x 4.35"H) is a loop powered switchboard/circular bargaph with a 4 1/2 digital LCD display. Great choice to replace old analog style meters. 

In 1975 OTEK introduced the World's First Loop Powered DPM. In 1979, The First Loop Powered Bargraph. In 1996 the Automatic Tri-Color Bargraph and in 2004 the World's First Loop Powered Serial I/O DPM. Now OTEK brings you the World's First Loop or A.C. Signal Powered Bargraph (Pat. # 7,626,378 & 4,908,569).  The bargraph gives you trend and digital accuracy.

The LSB is available with 101 segments. Loop Powered or externally powered, with or without automatic tricolor backlight. The LSB is fully configurable for many functions.
Standard calibration and configuration (unless otherwise specified) is:
a. Left Zero, 4-20mA or 0-2V = 0 - 100.0 & 0-100 bargraph segments.
b. Alarm Annunciators (bars only reverse acting) set for: 25, 50, 75 & 100% of Scale.
c. Backlight: Red: 0-10%, Amber: 10-20%, Green: 20-80%, Amber: 80-90%, Red: 90-100%. But, if  you need to change it, just plug a hand held terminal into the Com connector on the back of the unit.
LOOP POWERED:  Use it to monitor or control any process and if you enable the backlite colors, it will inform the operator of limits exceeded.  If you use the serial port it will communicate with other intelligent instruments (DCS, SCADA, PC, PLC, etc.) or even become a remote display. 
A.C. SIGNAL POWERED:  No power supply is required!  The LSB draws its parasitic power (~50mA) from the signal it measures.  Again backlite colors and RS232E are available to help you control the process.  WARNING:  No isolation; use P.T. and C. T. (no control outputs).
EXTERNALLY POWERED: Here you have access to ALL the LSB's features such as relays, analog out, USB, RS232C, RS485, math functions, X-Y tables, polynomials, floating point and more.
GRADES:   Nuclear:  For Class 1E;  Mil:  To specific Mil-Stds; Industrial:  Per these specifucations.