4-20mA LED Panel Meters


Otek possibly offers the most comprehensive selection of Bargraph Indicators and Digital Panel Meters with 4-20mA input and output options.  An entire series of LED displays are available in “Powerless” selection (4-20mA Loop Powered).

Many of these 4-20mA instruments are provided in industry-standard size housings for easy (form and function) replacement of obsolete analog Bargraph Indicators or Digital Panel Meters.

The modular design of Otek products allows a high degree of product customization recognized by customers worldwide.

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OTEK’s Model LPI does not use transformers that provides up to 1KV isolation and reflect "Choppers" noise on the transmitter's line.

The World's largest manufacturer of  Loop Powered Instruments introduces its New Model LPI (Pat. Pending). Unlike other products in the market, the LPI does not use transformers that provides up to 1KV isolation and reflect "Choppers" noise on the transmitter's line. OTEK's LPI has 3KV isolation and uses optoisolators. OTEK's new LPI uses a patent pending design with ultra low quiecent current allowing the LPI to use a high efficiency High Isolation Optocoupler up to 5KVDC but down rated to 3KVDC/RMS. The rest is "cookbook" recipe. Two models are available; the "In-Line" module is for inserting it in series with existing loops and the DIN-Rail for DIN rail mount. Use the LPI as: Isolator, Repeater, Converter (4-20 to 1-5V or 0-10V to 4-20mA & 0-10V, 0-2KHz to 4-20mA, 4-20mA to 2KHz, or 0-10V to 0-2KHz), Buffer, Scaler, etc. The LPI has a Green LED at the input and a Red LED at the output so you can "see" the loop. Their intensity is directly proportional to the input-output current.