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OTEK Corporation designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of electronic instrumentation for digital process control and measurement using the latest LED technology. Our vast product offering includes digital panel meters, controllers, batch counters, process loggers and bargraph indicators. Our world-wide customer base includes nuclear and fossil power plants, water and waste water utilities, military contractors, aerospace, maritime, oil and gas, chemical, pulp and paper and the automotive industries. We work very closely with our clients to determine the course of action that best meets their instrumentation and control needs and then supply an end product that exceeds every prerequisite and requirement.

OTEK instruments offer everything you need to control and monitor your process in an accurate and safe manner. Many of our digital meters and displays utilize features to enhance Human to Machine Interfacing (HMI), such as input failure alarms with serial I/O, automatic tri-color LED bargraphs (standard red, yellow, green) and programmable set-points. The models within our HI-Q and NTM series share common hardware and software, which provides more production flexibility and facilitates the qualification and customization processes. All OTEK meters are available in industrial grade, with MIL-Standards on request. Safety-related instruments for the nuclear industry are supplied through an exclusive partnership with AZZ/NLI, Inc. Using the highest quality components and sophisticated firmware allows us to offer an industry-unique lifetime warranty. Learn more about our products or select an option below:

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Lifetime Warranty: An Industry-Wide First

OTEK products have a Lifetime Warranty

and are proudly built in the U.S.A.

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Product of the Month

Our model HI-Q101 is scheduled to be discontinued due to the increased unavailability of required parts and components. Depending on the quantity ordered, we are offering up to 15% off on your next order. This offer is on a first-come-first-serve basis and is only available until stock is depleted.

Model HI-Q101 has been replaced by model NTM-P, which is part of OTEK’s new technology series that replaces virtually any analog and digital meter. The NTM-P includes all the features of its predecessor. New features include an automatic tri-color bargraph, even display intensity through the 4-20mA range, compatible connections, serial communication and input failure alarms. The NTM-P is available in loop, signal or external power. Learn more about the NTM-P.

Pictured: Model NTM-P.